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The Devil Star, the Demon Star, they call it, and as long as most astrological texts continue to be rewrites of what somebody wrote before, centuries from now the profession is apt to be suffering from the same bad case of algolphobia it has been flinching under for hundreds of years already.

Star Algol: The Worse Star!

GA wrote: From the standpoint of depth psychology, the etymology of Algol's names is the secret of its significance in practical individual astrology. GA wrote: We agree with most fixed-star advocates that sextiles and trines to stars are not valid, being physically and geometrically implausible. Squares and oppositions are theoretically sound, however, and are demonstrable in actual studies of individual horoscopes.

Because of the nature of house circles of a horoscope, contacts with angular cusps are probably not matter of simple longitude similarity.

Algol Star – The Blinking Demon – Astrology King

For example, Algol is bodily on the meridian when the longitude of the Midheaven differs from the star's longitude by almost seven degrees [ earlier ] It may be, too, that galactic coordiates play a big role in any practical approach to the astrology of fixed stars. This would merit looking into by capable students.

For their information, then, we estimate the equivalent ecliptic junctures of galactic circles running through Algol on the celestial sphere. The conjunction line falls about the first degree of Tropical Taurus circa , to be advanced by roughly one degree per seven decades - which, interestingly, was the exact position of Saturn at the outbreak of World War II, recalling the Chinese name for Algol, Tseih She, the Piled-up Corpses! Galactic squares on the ecliptic are a matter of ninety-degree arcs pivoting on the poles of the galaxy at right angles to the conjunction-opposition circle.

So much, now, for an interesting conjecture. When it comes to Algol in relationship to the Ascendant and Descendant of a chart, one runs into trouble. There is no difficulty, on the other hand, if one wishes to think of all astrological influences in terms of strictly ecliptic coordinates - which is hardly tenable. As long as the literal horizon of a birthplace is considered all-important, and as long as there is absolutely no relationship between zodiacal and "mundane" circles, complications arise.

Chief monkey wrench in the machinery is the fact that at geographic latitudes higher than Algol's declination the star is circumpolar and never rises or sets, staying above the horizon all the time. In other words, only people born farther south than the 40th parallel can ever have Algol bodily on the horizon or "conjunct the Ascendant. Yours truly frankly has no opinion on the matter at present.

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The Axial system of house division solves the problem for some, but there remains the vexing question of whether the standard Ascendant is the eastern horizon plane or the mere point on the ecliptic cut by it. The logical way out is to adhere to the zodiacal-circle concept, which is not too unfeasible in the light of what the statistics of criminal charts have disclosed, viz.

The astrological influences of the constellation Perseus

The legitimacy of such "aspects" has been contested by England's Tucker in an international spat with Germany's Troinski and, if recollection serves properly, an astrologer in India. In any event, the novel personalities and lives of many people born May 14th to 18th, and November 13th to 17th, require an explanation rooted in something more special than decanate or face theories. One case alone, that of mass-murdered William Heirens, whose entire body is analgesic insensitive to pain , is too much a materialization of the Algol legend to be dismissed as a mere coincidence.

GA wrote: What Algol means in astrology is actually quite simple, for the psychoanalytic interpretation of the Perseus-Medusa myth is easy to grasp.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Easy for the psychologist, anthropologist, and "depth astrologer," that is. There are no doubt many to whom the following commentary will seem more than a little enigmatic.

Demon Alcohol

This is aimed, then, at the already-knowers in our audience. Perseus is one of the greatest of the great heroes in legend. He shares the same basic biographical outline followed by the other heroes and saviors of mankind, starting with the usual immaculate conception. Indeed, the very fact that Perseus' mother became just that because Jupiter sprinkled golden raindrops on her through a hole in her dungeon roof, and nobody believed her story, is act one, scene one of the exciting drama of Perseus the Hero.

Heroes in depth psychology represent the kind of person we all secretly wish we could be, completely triumphant over evil, the personification of all that is valorous, just and healthy. Every detail As with most complex myths, every phase of life and living, the whole gamut of history and psychology and politics, is touched upon.

Approached with a knowledge of Freud, the saga of the Hero is a real shocker. Her location shows us how to deal with extremely difficult situations in life without losing our heads.

Fixed stars: ✴ A L G O L ✴

She teaches us to stand on our own two feet, to stick up for ourselves, to fight for the underdog, and to speak out when injustice is concerned. She is deliberately paired with specific planets for a reason. If she happens to be conjunct one of your planets, consider yourself an ambassador for the cause. Look for what, planet how, sign and where house you are being called upon to make a difference. Contact Us Donate Now!

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