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Scorpio: You have license to be extravagant in getting what you need to thrive Read more. Pisces: I encourage you to throw a big Unity Party for all the different people you are Read more. You have cosmic permission to be more forthcoming in showing people your beauty and value, Aquarius Read more. The coming weeks will be an excellent time to illuminate and deepen and embellish your conception of your life story, Libra Read more.

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The coming weeks will be a favourable time for you to indulge in an interesting pleasure that you have been denying yourself for no good reason, Virgo Read more. Trust your gut feelings more than your swirling fantasies, Leo Read more. Here are your fortune cookie-style horoscopes for the months ahead Read more.

You could be a disorienting or even disruptive influence to some people, Sagittarius Read more. You will benefit from remembering at least some of your nightly dreams, Sagittarius Read more. In the coming weeks it will make good sense for you to travel down winding paths, Aries Read more.

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Synergize the functions of your discerning mind and your devotional heart, Gemini Read more. Week of October 30th Read more. Week of October 23rd Read more. Week of October 16th Read more. The week of October 9th Read more. Week of October 2nd Read more.

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Week of September 25th Read more. Week of September 18th Read more. Week of September 11th Read more. Aries: for you the second part of the year starting from the month of June, is very favorable with regard to a recovery of physical energy but at work and professional level you will have to sweat all year and to get very little. Even love does not involve very much on an erotic level but only in the first six months.

Taurus: This year is much less difficult for you even if you have to fight against a pessimism that will always be growing. You must have more confidence in your qualities and in your professional skills even if things do not proceed as you wish. Love that creates very serious quarrels. Gemini: during these months you have to fight against a monotony that can ruin different interpersonal relationships especially in the family and with relatives but also at work. Physical and mental energy increased sharply during the second part of the year and great ability to fix an economic situation.

Cancer: this period for you can be really complicated with Jupiter and Saturn that create obstacles in work but also in love. Money in sharp decline and expenses that increase but above all this period is particularly complicated as regards love with the possibility of a sentimental separation.

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Leo: the second part of the year can be much more important than the first six months because Mars in excellent astrological aspect allows you to rediscover energy and creativity to develop new ideas and projects but it must be said that as far as love is concerned, difficulties can be insurmountable. Virgo: with this astrological configuration things are getting better and you can develop excellent projects even with some planets that are not favorable.

Love life can be very interesting and it will be possible to have a good meeting and maybe start a life together with a person who will warm up the heart. Libra: the problem at the working level is very serious. The difficulties are clearly increasing and the possibility of not seeing some projects realized is very probable. You must move forward with caution and you must not overdo the words that can offend the person you love.

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Scorpio: during these months your professional situation can be very positive but also very negative and everything depends on the choices you make. If you decide to start a new professional life, the risks and expenses can be really high and so try to proceed very slowly. Sagittarius: from June for you things get slightly better with an excellent energetic charge that comes from Mars in trine to your ascendant. You can recover on a physical and mental level and you can also develop new ideas but you must proceed with caution during the first part of this month.

Capricorn: the best period for you is the one that goes from January to May, with lots of useful energies and creativity that allow you to develop excellent ideas at a working level. Earnings on the rise, very fruitful partnerships and love in sharp growth with an irresistible and unparalleled charm. Aquarius: during this new year you have to be very careful about the economic wastes and mistakes you can make in your work.

You must have eyes wide open and do not act instinctively, especially when Mars, from June, will be sextile to your sky. In love, you prefer to be free and without lasting bonds over time.

Pisces: this astral configuration is quite complicated for you but you do not have to be very confident because love allows you to live beautiful months full of feelings and joys and projects to do with the person you love. Projects can also bring economic successes to work.

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Maya horoscope for year. Chinese horoscope for year. Celtic horoscope for year. The affinity game for couples. Discover your sex life through the name. The seduction of 12 Signs of the zodiac. Test to find out how the 12 zodiac signs are having sex. Download the free book for the new year here Love Libra unfortunately we must say that this new year for you is not exceptional because Jupiter and Saturn are in negative astrological aspect and even from June, the planet Mars will be in opposition for many months and until the end of the year.

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